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Mochi Monday: Blanket Walk

6 May

This is the closest that Mochi will get to wearing garments of any kind.

mochi robe circle

moch blanket cave


Mochi Mondays: Digger Digger

29 Apr

mochi dig hole1 jan

One of the great things about Mochi is his dogged (pun not intended) concentration when he’s got his mind set on something, for better or for worse. As a puppy we were able to mold him to develop good habits and respect the rules of the house — he’s not allowed on furniture or ┬áto take things off shelves or tables, for instance. Some actions are ingrained in his DNA however- digging is one of them! Now he randomly digs holes to the motherland in our backyard — not to escape (we hope), but just for the fun of it. The picture above is one of his epic holes, measuring a foot deep! Now you have to be careful when walking in our backyard, as there are quite a few holes that could twist your ankle easily.

I’m always being challenged by him in ways like this. To thwart him, I was able to cut a piece of wire mesh and fold it flat with edges sticking into the ground. This allows me to fill in the hole, grow new grass, and mow the lawn without him disturbing the area.

Life with a Shiba…always interesting!

Mochi Monday: Waking Up

22 Apr

We’re looking forward to regularly posting again! In addition to our travels, we’ll try to post tidbits of our daily life (including Mochi!) here and there.

First up- we have Mochi here at 8.5 weeks. One of his favorite sleeping spots was under the couch.

mochi under couch

I’m glad I have these moments on video. He grew so fast! (PS- click on the cog-like icon next to the clock and change to 720p for the best quality)

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