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Mochi Monday: Waking Up

22 Apr

We’re looking forward to regularly posting again! In addition to our travels, we’ll try to post tidbits of our daily life (including Mochi!) here and there.

First up- we have Mochi here at 8.5 weeks. One of his favorite sleeping spots was under the couch.

mochi under couch

I’m glad I have these moments on video. He grew so fast! (PS- click on the cog-like icon next to the clock and change to 720p for the best quality)


Inspired By: Where the Hell is Matt

17 Jan

Many of you have probably seen Matt Harding’s videos, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.  To learn more about him and the story behind his awesome videos, visit his website.  I suggest you watch these in chronological order.  The music from the latest video is my favorite!  I can’t wait for his next video to come out!




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