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Jeannie’s Travel Outfits

26 Jan

…While growing up.  There will be packing posts to come, but in the meantime I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane!  Note:  I wore a LOT of red as a kid!  Note #2: You can click on any pictures in this blog to enlarge.

Berlin airport.  My first international trip!

Zoo in Switzerland with unknown buddies.  Unfortunately I will not be packing red sweat pants on our RTW trip, no matter how comfy they are.

That rhinestone pin my dress says “Smack.”  Chinatown fashion was really hip with it back then.

Melbourne.  That kid behind me thought I was a boy for like 2 days.  That is what happens when I don’t wear red from head to toe, mom!

Dalat, Vietnam.  My binocular and Keroppi phase.  I thought I was the coolest kid ever with my shades too.

My first trip to the Bay Area.  Who knew 18 years later I’d move there? 🙂

That was my signature pose for nearly every picture we took in Toronto that summer.

Yellowstone trip.  High waisted jeans + mini backpack = totally made sense back then.

My outfit is not worth mentioning.  I just find the crookedness of this picture highly nostalgic. 🙂

I hope someday I can show our kids the world, the way my mother showed me!  I will always be grateful to her for many things, and instilling a sense of travel in me is one of them.

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