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Travel Shots

21 Jan

We’ve been on the phone quite a bit lately with the Kaiser travel hotline. When going through the itinerary with the lady on the phone, she was understandably surprised at some of the countries that we’re going to. In all of her history at Kaiser, she’s never had to consult anyone traveling to North Korea. It’s good to know that Kaiser does have a list of infectious diseases for every country in the world though. Here’s a list of what we had to vaccinate or take pills for (not necessarily for NK, as India seems to have to most vaccination/pill requirements):

Yellow Fever (card required when entering Brazil)
Hep A
Hep B (Jer had to get blood drawn for an immunity test, as he mistakenly threw away his records from 2005)
The new Tdap shot
Polio booster
Diarrhea medicine
High altitude medicine

That’s a lot of stuff.



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