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The Best Water Show Ever

10 Mar

We attended the most awesome water show ever in Lima.

Tons of people, pretty much all locals.  There were different types of water shows and fountains.  We loved going through the people tunnel!



Cheesy but pretty neat.

Lima, Day 2

26 Feb









First Impressions: Lima

26 Feb

Our first “meal” in Lima- pit stop at a 24 hour gas station.

We’ve arrived in Lima with our friends the Tongs after a relatively fast and easy flight.

Some first impressions (we’ve been here 6 hours):

KFCs are a big deal here. Some of them are two stories tall and have kiddie play gyms!
Casinos galore, at least along our route from the airport to our hostel.
Folks stay out late! At 2am people still were out and about.
The traffic lights have countdowns for red and green lights for both cars and pedestrians. Downside: doesn’t seem like there are sensors underneath so we were waiting at intersections for a loooong while with no other cars in sight.

Funny story of the night — Jeannie and the hostel host were talking about the tv show Revenge. Jeannie — ” Ooh who do you think shot Tyler?”
Peruvian hostel host Charles — “Tyler got shot?!?!”
Jeannie — “Oops.”

Apparently Peru is behind the US on TV episode showings.

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