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Travel and Health Insurance

1 Mar

This is a scheduled post. We are hiking the Inca Trail with very limited Internet access. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was none! We will read and reply to comments as soon as we can.

Because we live in America, land of the not-free-and-very-expensive health insurance, we had to figure out our health insurance such that we won’t be uncovered during the trip. With Jeannie’s health insurance, we decided to extend her COBRA thru work at a cost of several hundred dollars per month. This will allow her to continue her Kaiser co-pay and have no disruptions in coverage. My work covers current month +1, so I’ve decided to buy individual deductible coverage from May-July, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a job with health coverage soon after we come back from the trip. Kaiser is good in that you’re covered everywhere in the world, and ER and urgent care is fully reimbursable. We debated travel health insurance, but decided not to sign up due to the fact that we’re covered with Kaiser, and most travel health insurance plans only cover trips up to 30 days long.

Travel insurance such as lost baggage, trip delays, trip cancellation, etc is covered by our credit card, Chase Sapphire Preferred. As long as we book our trip with this card, we’ve got some means of recovering lost expenses from small mishaps which are bound to occur during a long trip.

Let’s hope that we don’t encounter such situations where insurance would be needed, but peace of mind is always welcome.

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