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Germany Memories

10 Jul

We’ve been to quite a few wonders of the world, more World Heritage sites than we can count, and have seen many things which we had previously dreamed of (and some of which we know we’ll never see again *ahem* North Korea). But as our time on this RTW comes to a close, we look back on the highlights and realize that the highlights weren’t just what we saw or experienced around the world. Rather, the highlights included those that we interacted with.

Jeannie has extended family in many parts of the world (we previously blog about her Vietnam family here). It was Jerry’s first time visiting the cousins in Berlin, Heidelberg, and Sandhausen, and Jeannie’s first time seeing her younger cousins that hadn’t been born yet when she last visited in 2001. Yes, Germany and more specifically Berlin has a whole lot of historical relevance and much of its history has been written by America in the 20th century. We made our touristy rounds of those as well. However, we found that some of the memories that will stay with us forever are the ones where we simply played with the kids in the park, rode bikes together to the garden, and watched Deutschland in the Euro Cup. Although we don’t speak any German and the kids don’t speak much English, we somehow found a way to communicate and truly form a bond.

Here are some pictures for now. Stay tuned for a video in which the cousins take us to an “adventure park” and Jeannie ends up nearly in tears when she’s forced out of her comfort zone. It’s actually pretty funny now that it’s over, but Jeannie didn’t think it was so funny at the time!

We can only hope to reciprocate the love and hospitality someday when they find a time to visit the US. Hint hint Deutschland family!






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