Tips for Visiting Ha Long Bay

1 Jun


If you’ve got a week or so in Hanoi, you might consider Ha Long Bay as a side trip. Another option is Sapa, which our friends really enjoyed as well. For this particular trip, we opted to check out Ha Long Bay. Here’s some tips!

The pictures you see advertised aren’t really representative of the actual boat itself. That’s okay. If you choose Galaxy Cruise, you’ll find the accommodations to be pretty decent. AC only turns on after 6pm though. But otherwise, not so shabby. Though it’s overpriced, you do get what you pay for. We saw some of the cheaper junk boats out at sea and they looked pretty old and sorry.


Consider going on a 3D/2N cruise even though it’s pricier. A day trip is definitely not worth it, it takes 3 hours to get from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay each way, which leaves very little time to enjoy the bay to the fullest. A 2D/1N cruise will save you a bit of money, but for a bit more of your time/money, you’ll get to explore the quieter parts of the bay.

On day one we had to kayak in a high traffic area with everyone and their mom, and on day 2, our semi-private guide (we only had to share him with this Russian couple on their honeymoon, who had been married only five days prior!) took us through a sea cave which opened up to our own little private bay. It was super nice!


Bring your own bottled water. We’d totally understand if soda/alcohol costs extra, but we thought water should have been included! Technically they even charge you a fee for bringing your own water, but umm..just don’t tell them! Easy!

Inside the dining area of our boat. Food was fairly decent.

If you swim in the bay, beware of jellyfish stings! I got stung very lightly, but the sting marks remained for over a month. However I think this happens more in the shallow areas? We swam in deeper water the day prior and were okay. PS, Jerry did not pee on my leg. Instead the tour guide gave me some lemon to squeeze on the affected area.

Bring your bathing suit! One of the girls on our boat got in the water in her regular clothing. A sure way to drown it to wear clothing that gets heavy and weighed down when wet.


As with any tour, there are obligatory shopping excursions. We got taken to an embroidery factory during the 3 hour drive to and from Hanoi/Ha Long Bay, and a pearl factory inside the world wonder. We hate these side trips, but it’s pretty unavoidable!


You’ll be taken to an underground cave with cheesy lighting and cool limestone formations. After you’re done, wait for your group inside the cave, as it’s super hot and crowded outside. Jerry and I tend to breeze through these things, but being in a tour group, we have to wait for the very last person.


Definitely deserving of its natural world wonder title! It’s a very beautiful place.



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