First Impressions: Jordan

26 May

We’ve still got posts on Vietnam, Thailand, and India coming your way, but we thought we’d drop a quick post about first impressions of Jordan while it’s still fresh on our minds!

First off, Jordanians are incredibly friendly, and not because they want something from you! They just want to say hi, without any pretense of selling us anything. Supposedly Petra itself
is not like that, but we’ll see.

The children are super friendly, they will wave hi and say hello as you’re walking/driving by.

The food is really tasty and simple. The meats are very tender and flavorful. Jerry has ordered the mixed plate grill (one kebab each of chicken, lamb, and beef) three meals in a row, that’s how good it is! Prices vary greatly for the same amount of food depending on how touristy the location is.


Super high taxes on everything. There is a 17% tax on food!

Speaking of expensive, we bought some fruit and it was PRICY. But we needed something to supplement the meat we were eating. I tried to order a fruit salad at dinner and it turned out to be a serving of canned fruit, bummer. So we’ll pay a little for the real deal. Apparently the local markets by Petra are not allowed to sell fruit and veggies, instead vendors have to specifically sell at a warehouse by the bus station.


Driving in Jordan is not all that different than driving in the states. Yes, you read correctly, we rented a car for our week in Jordan! Luckily they drive on the same side of the road and the drivers are pretty courteous, they will actually yield. The traffic circles/roundabouts take a bit getting used to though. More on driving later…


The king (King Abdullah II) has his pictures everywhere. Not surprisingly, we found this in Thailand and North Korea as well. I haven’t see any of Queen Rania so far, which is too bad because I think she’s one of the most gorgeous woman in the world!

We’ve only been in Jordan for about 32 hours, and we love it so far. Tomorrow the Indiana Jungs explore Petra!


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