To Expat or Not to Expat

11 May

The majority of travelers and expats that we’ve run across while on our travels have been decidedly non-Americans. That’s no surprise to us, since America has the reputation of being a no-vacation nation. Also, it’s pretty hard to find a company that’s willing to put you up in a different country, and you’d have to have marketable skills to boot as well.

We won’t deny it, the idea of being an expat has crossed our minds in the past. While watching the Giants vs Swallows game in Tokyo, we thought that it would be pretty neat if Jerry was a washed up MLB pitcher playing in Japan. Less pressure, good money, and life on the road in Japan can’t be too shabby right?? As alluring as that sounds though, we’ve come to the conclusion that being an expat is not really the lifestyle for us. Also, if you know us personally, our jobs are not necessarily transferable to a different country, unfortunately! We also have really strong ties to our families and logistically it would be difficult to see them as often as we did before we left for this trip. Also having been on the road for the last couple of months, we’ve realized that personally, the good ‘ol United States of America is really home sweet home for us. While we have been enjoying our experiences abroad exploring other cultures, trying a variety of foods, and just having fun, there is really nothing like the familiar comforts of what we were raised with. However, we love hearing stories from our friends/family who are current and former expats, and we selfishly hope our friends/family become expats so we have opportunities to travel to different countries to visit!

Ever been an expat? Or have you ever thought about becoming an expat? Or not for you? Share via comments or in the poll below!



2 Responses to “To Expat or Not to Expat”

  1. Linda Liang May 12, 2012 at 6:59 AM #

    After backpacking across Europe for seven weeks after undergrad, I came to a similar conclusion…that San Francisco is the most beautiful City and the Bay Area is where I like to call home.

  2. Uncle Raymond May 12, 2012 at 9:47 PM #

    We were expats for 8 years. We loved it, but it was an earlier time in our life.

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