Engaging People: Peru

6 Mar

In our everyday lives we typically keep to ourselves and rarely engage strangers in conversation. This trip is another story however! While we aren’t brazen enough to chat with each person that crosses our path, we’ve been giving it a shot every now and then.

Couple behind us at looooong customs line at Lima airport: American, medical student (him)/nurse (her) spending 5 weeks in the outskirts of Cusco volunteering at a hospital.

Charles: college student majoring in hotel management, working part time at our hostel in Lima. Though he didn’t look like it, he told us that he is part Irish and Japanese. Really sweet guy, and we have the same taste in TV shows. See earlier post about me accidentally spoiling a plot line for the show Revenge.

Us being silly in the patio of our hostel.


Solo traveler at our hostel in Lima: British, talked our ears off. Must be the longest conversation in English he’s had in a while! He is a seasoned traveler (why are companies outside of the US so generous with PTO??) and for his 40th birthday he went on a 3 month trip around South America.

Matt: Australian born owner of a restaurant in Cusco called Two Nations. He was quite a chatty Cathy as well! See blurb about British traveler above. Lived in Indonesia and Thailand before marrying a local, and opened up his restaurant in Cusco 5 years ago. Waxed poetic about the Asian food in Melbourne.

Llama Path buddies: group of awesome folks from Norway, Germany, Australia, and Canada that we bonded with during our Inka Trail to Machu Picchu hike, put on by the tour company Llama Path. A 4 day/3 night hike covering 28 miles with a 13779 ft. pass and camping with no showers allowed the 11 of us to get to know each other reaaaaally well, and we bonded quite nicely. Luckily we all spoke English pretty much fluently so communication was a breeze. They are all seasoned travelers so we were able to exchange travel stories and advice. It is refreshing to chat with non-Americans!


Looking forward to meeting more folks along the way! So far we have met people from 6 different countries! It will be hard to top our Llama Path group though!


One Response to “Engaging People: Peru”

  1. Oscar Jung March 6, 2012 at 11:43 PM #

    Sometimes, you meet the nicest people in your everyday travels whether in the US or abroad…glad you were able to hook up with fellow travelers your age and share stories (especially in English…the universal language)….glad I was not in the picture where everyone was “hanging” in the air….I probably be flat on my back because of the strenuous hike and altitude sickness…ah-nice to be young!


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